Sharisa T. Robertson

Heal from the Past, Change the Present, while Working Towards the Future

A Letter To My Mother: A Daughter's Perspective


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A Letter To My Mother: A Daughter's Perspective brings awareness to the strained mother and daughter relationship by taking you into the lives of 11 women who have been negatively impacted by their relationship with their mother. Each woman courageously writes a letter to her mother confronting these issues, reliving those painful memories, and digging deep into their pain, just to finally have a voice that they were never given. As you read these emotion filled letters, you will feel the anger, the hurt, the cry for their mother's love but as they shed the layers that they once hid behind, you will also feel the hope, the strength, and the release from each author. You have been invited into their journey of healing and forgiveness, from their perspective by sharing with you, their letter to their mother.



A Letter To My Mother Book

Cheers! To Your Success

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We all have a story to tell. A past that made us the person that we are today. So what is my story? Why am I passionate about helping women heal from the past, change the present, while working towards the future? Why am I on a mission to help restore the mother daughter relation?

I invite you to take a peak of my life, my testimony. I am more than honored to make my debut as one of the fabulous authors in Cheers To Your Success: Women On The Rise and Owning Their Destiny collaboration, created by visionary Carol Sankar. This is a book you will want to add to your library.

Sharisa T. Robertson chapter, Makeup of a Masterpiece (pg. 77):

Cheers to your Success: Women on the Rise and Owning their Destiny